Complex eCommerce made SIMPLE
by ND Commerce


ND Commerce is a BRAND E-CHANNEL SPECIALIST (Ecommerce Solution Provider) that enables Brands and Companies to go direct to customer by selling their products online under their own brand store or through popular marketplaces or embrace OMNI CHANNEL retailing. To enable our clients to sell using our unique e-tailing model, we’ve built a robust eCommerce ecosystem that is a ready-to-use, quick-to-market solution covering every aspect of online selling.

Brand Webstore Retailing

We partner with leading brands to set up and operate the BRAND Webstore or online ecommerce website/Store(ecommerce management). This online exclusive brand store helps brands transition from just engagement to transactions showcase long tail of products & optimize traffic from social assets, run CRM programs and convert the online store to a smart and dynamic marketing platform.

Marketplace Retailing

Modern trade has a new definition today, and that is MARKETPLACE retailing. As consumers seek comfort and convenience to make purchases and browse products, marketplace retailing has assumed significant importance in a brand’s e-channel strategy. ND Commerce helps build the market place strategy from merchandise to inventory optimization & demand generation.

Omni Channel Retailing

With the increasing number of mobile users, web surfing patterns are changing. A large number of consumers are now accessing the Internet using their mobile devices and phones. Additionally, physical retail stores also need to be able to compete with the ecommerce industry.

B2B Retailing

With the increasing cost of servicing and reaching out to businesses, one area that brands can build efficiencies is for collecting and processing orders from their business and institutional customers.




Why Us?

Pioneers & Market Leaders

ND Commerce works with the largest number of large Indian & International brands who have high levels of sensitivities.

Robust, Scalable Ecosystem

A robust, scaleable & dependable ecommerce ecosystem created by ND Commerce is most suitable for brands that want to test & grow in the ecommerce channels.

Specialized Team

A highly specialized team of specialists in all core areas of ecommerce operations, high level of integrity and brand orientation, having delivered on several large ecommerce projects with complexitiies is the hallmark of ND Commerce.

Building and Executing the perfect strategy

for your brand’s ecommerce success.

Make ND Commerce part of your strategy.