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B2B Retailing

With the increasing cost of servicing and reaching out to businesses, one area that brands can build efficiencies is for collecting and processing orders from their business and institutional customers.

For example, a company that sells products to other businesses can set up a B2B ecommerce site with the following advantages

  1. Reduce cost of operations related to a physical sales visit by the representative to collect orders.

  2. Reduce dependence on manual systems and therefore reduce the chances of errors of order collection and processing.

  3. Allow the customer to order 24X7 at their own convenience.

  4. Integrate with the customers inventory management system to automatically trigger purchases from your company.

  5. Reach out to a larger number of prospective customers in smaller towns and where you do not have feet on street coverage

  6. Collect payment on purchase cards and credit cards for smaller customers who do not have a credit history with you

  7. Leverage the platform to increase the transaction value through cross selling and up selling

  8. Provide the right price information to your clients based on individual contracts that may be in place

  9. Free up time of sales representative to focus on sales and relationship building with your clients

Net Distribution works with brands to set up their B2B Ecommerce Channel with a centralized back office and customized front end for customers to interact and place orders.

To learn more about how ND Commerce can assist with set up and management of your B2B Ecommerce Channel please do contact us.

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