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Brand Webstore Retailing

ND Commerce Partners with leading brands to set up and operate the BRAND Webstore or online Store. This online exclusive brand store helps brands transition from just engagement to transactions showcase long tail of products & optimize traffic from social assets, run CRM programs and convert the online store to a smart and dynamic marketing platform.

Ecommerce Ecosystem Management by ND Commerce



CONSUMER INVOICING: ND COMMERCE is the merchant of record for all the consumer transactions. While consumers will make purchases from the branded web store, the payment will be collected by ND COMMERCE and invoice or order confirmation issued by ND COMMERCE. To enable this, the relationship with the brand is one of ND Commerce being a retailer.


ND Commerce develops and manages web stores using Magento as the preferred platform. Our team of developers is experienced in various aspects of development and implementation. While we offer to create the web store, we also work with clients who may have their own technology solutions or other partners who may develop the web store on Magento and pass it to ND Commerce to manage.

HOSTING AND MAINTENANCE: This is done by ND COMMERCE on secure servers including those provided by Amazon.

PAYMENT GATEWAY: ND COMMERCE works with preferred service providers including CC Avenues for enabling the ND COMMERCE operated web stores with a range of payment options. Cash on Delivery is also managed by ND COMMERCE (based on the consumer need and business feasibility) Since ND COMMERCE is the Merchant of Record, the Merchant ID is in the name of ND COMMERCE, though identifiable for each store operated by us. Consumers making purchases on ND COMMERCE operated web stores get their card transaction statements with the merchant name as ‘NET DISTRIBUTION’.


Creation of original and engaging content is a key to getting traffic as well as keeping consumers on your site. ND COMMERCE, through its affiliates, provides the service of set up of content at the time of the web store creation as well as on an ongoing basis.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Includes product updates, pricing information, taxation, and shipping, visual image management and uploading of all the content to the site. This also includes keeping the content updated at all times.

Including identification of SKUs to stock and sell, product supply management and procurement from the company or its authorised distributor. ND COMMERCE co-ordinates the supply chain and order management from the distributor or company.

MERCHANDISING: Based on the business model, market dynamics including competition, consumer demand, conversion rates and analytics on consumer behaviour. ND COMMERCE co-ordinates the web store merchandising closely with the Brand based on sales, availability, trends and customer enquiries.

Covering order verification, payment collection & banking, reconciliation, invoice generation and placement of the order on the warehouse.



To the end consumer. Starting with Pick and Pack operations at the warehouse, identification of the most desired delivery option (courier), generation of the airway bill / delivery tracker, handover to the delivery / logistics company. ND COMMERCE has outsourced relationships with several key reputed logistics partners.


Pre-sales and post sales. Provided using phone, email. Web chat, Video, social media response management. The team at ND COMMERCE is equipped and trained to handle a range of customer interactions.

Using public and private analytics and reporting tools, the service provider will report on various aspects of the business on a frequent basis as mutually agreed – can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Covering database management, CRM initiatives, ongoing customer communications, cross selling and up selling and customer retention.

Net Distribution becomes the exclusive online retailer for the brand. Under this arrangement the partner, who is the merchant of record, conducts transactions with the end consumer. The title of the goods and services is transferred to the partner. Consumers are sold the products and services by ND COMMERCE, who receives the money and raises the consumer invoice and then ships the product to the consumer.

As the Branded Store ecommerce partner ND COMMERCE is responsible for all the key elements of the ecommerce operations and management.

Why Us?

Pioneers & Market Leaders

ND Commerce works with the largest number of large Indian & International brands who have high levels of sensitivities.

Robust, Scalable Ecosystem

A robust, scaleable & dependable ecommerce ecosystem created by ND Commerce is most suitable for brands that want to test & grow in the ecommerce channels.

Specialized Team

A highly specialized team of specialists in all core areas of ecommerce operations, high level of integrity and brand orientation, having delivered on several large ecommerce projects with complexitiies is the hallmark of ND Commerce.

Building and Executing the perfect strategy

for your brand’s ecommerce success.

Make ND Commerce part of your strategy.