Cross Border Retailing

We are happy and excited to introduce a new retailing service to add to the ecommerce channels. ND Commerce has launched its cross border ecommerce service in India to target the growing consumer need for buying curated, exciting & new range of specliased merchandise across the borders.

In Phase I, Indian brands, Manufacturers , Wholesalers and Retailers in India can use this service to sell their products on international marketplaces in China, USA, Singapore, Middle East. In Phase II, NDCommerce plans to offer this service into othercountries

With the growing overseas India diaspora as well as the potential to sell products to international audiences who are seeking international products , cross border eCommerce out of India is a good opportunity for brands who Make in India as they can reach international markets using ecommerce platforms in those countries, supported by ND Commerce

Brands and businesses that would like to list and sell products in overseas markets can list these on those marketplaces under local entities that are part of the ND Commerce International Seller Network. Goods need to be placed in the specific countries and listing of such goods and fulfillment of orders is done by ND Commerce for the brands. ND Commerce also arranges for the export of such goods and placement of these in overseas markets for sale on platforms like Amazon, Tao Bao, Lazada and others

ND Commerce already operates an inbound Cross Border eCommerce business from overseas to India as an Importer of Record for overseas sellers in India. By playing this role , ND Commerce enables overseas sellers to sell in India by paying customs duties and taxes and being GST compliant.

To know more about ND Commerce Cross Border eCommerce and how you can use this service to sell your products in international markets contact

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