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Customer Care

We thank you for visiting the customer service centre of Net Distribution Services Private Ltd.

We are an Indian online retail company that operates online retail business in India. Products sold by us are available through multiple online channels including brand online stores and online marketplaces where we are the seller.

Our customer service motto is customer first and we are fully committed to ensuring that our customers have the best possible customer service that they deserve

As you may understand, ecommerce business has got many aspects relating to it. We understand that customer enquiries may be in one or more of the following areas

1.    Online payment collection
2.    Change of information of buyer information
3.    Change in product or SKU
4.    Cancellation of orders
5.    Information relating to processing of orders
6.    Information relating to tracking of orders/online tracking
7.    Request for returns
8.    Request for refunds relating to cancelations and refunds
9.    Request for status of orders specially when there are multiple products ordered together and they are due to come to customer separately
10.    Information relating to resolution of defective or DOA products received
11.    Information relating to after sales service and warranties relating to the products that have been purchased from us

The types of inquiries are varied, and responses are dependent on us getting information from our partners including logistics partners, principals, supply partners, delivery companies

Depending on the case we may take more than our standard 2-business day to respond to you.

Rest assured we have our customer’s interest first and even if there is a gap in response, it is because our teams are obtaining relevant information that can assist us in resolving your queries

As a responsible online retailer, we have customer service provided for all our online stores by phone or by a call back form so as to enable easy access for our customers. We also have store specific email addresses provided

Our endeavor is to provide you with a response to your query within 2-business days. For e.g.; if you raise an inquiry on Friday morning, then we would typically respond to you by the following week Tuesday afternoon.

In case, your query is not resolved for a period of more than 10-days then you may write to our grievance officer who will look into your case.

Please note that if it is general customer service inquiry or does not meeting the above criteria, the request to the grievance officer may go unanswered as the grievance officer is only to manage those cases where you have not got a response within a reasonable period from the time that you raise an inquiry.

In case of multiple inquiries relating to a single order, the most recent inquiry will be taken as the date from which an appropriate response has to be provided to our customers. We kindly request you to bear this in mind when sending any escalation or email to the grievance officer.

Please note that we are only a sales channel and as such product warranties and after sales performance relating to products itself. For all such inquiries and matters, consumers need to contact the manufacturer by visiting their web site and following their warranty or after sales process.

Net Distribution Services Private Ltd being a retailer is not responsible for after sales service or product performance

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to serving you to our best ability at all times.

If you would still like to contact the grievance officer, please click here