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Omni Channel Retailing

With the increasing number of mobile users, web surfing patterns are changing. A large number of consumers are now accessing the Internet using their mobile devices and phones. Additionally, physical retail stores also need to be able to compete with the ecommerce industry.
From a consumer’s point of view, the brand should be available across media. And purchase options should also be seamless irrespective of the channel of sales.

Omni Channel Sales is an important aspect of the brands business and ND Commerce can enable this Simply put, it means that ND Commerce will provide Omni Channel solution & set up the backbone of the Omni Channel business whereby consumers can make purchases from one or more of the following channels

  1. Branded Online web store via Internet using landed devices such as laptops and computers or mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets

  2. Purchase of products on phone via a phone call to ND Commerce including secure payment collection and cash on delivery

  3. Purchase by walking into a physical store with the option of getting all the products irrespective of the stocks kept in the physical store – customers can order in store and get these delivered to their doorstep

ND Commerce works with brands to set up their Omni Channel sales and provide solution using the Branded eCommerce Store as the centre of the order processing and fulfillment system.

To learn more about how ND Commerce can assist with set up and management of your Omni Channel Sales please do contact us.

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ND Commerce works with the largest number of large Indian & International brands who have high levels of sensitivities.

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A robust, scaleable & dependable ecommerce ecosystem created by ND Commerce is most suitable for brands that want to test & grow in the ecommerce channels.

Specialized Team

A highly specialized team of specialists in all core areas of ecommerce operations, high level of integrity and brand orientation, having delivered on several large ecommerce projects with complexitiies is the hallmark of ND Commerce.

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