5 Must Have Features Of An Ecommerce Site

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Trade of various products and services done using the online platform refers to e-commerce. Any form of business activity done electronically is e-commerce.  The main advantage of e-commerce is it defiles the geographical barriers and streamlines operations. The cost incurred is also very less. Specialized forms of e-commerce are Mcommerce and Fcommerce.

5 must have features of an e-commerce site are:

1. A user friendly website

The website should be easy to use, such that even a simple person can find things easily. It shouldn’t be made complicated and the basic menus should be easy to access or find out. Real conversion has nothing to do with complexity, the simpler the user interface will be, the more conversions will happen. It is good to follow the KISS method, Keep It Simple. A simple successful ecommerce site will be one that allows the customer to browse through the product, select one and is able to buy it.

2. Customer feedback or reviews

Customers online would love to buy a product that gives them the full worth for money. As a product cannot be felt online, most of them rely on the experience of others. This is where reviews help. Some sites also have star ratings that help to understand the popularity of the product. it is a great idea to place access points for reviews, star ratings to understand if the service is good or needs to improve. Reviews on a product purchased can be really helpful to others. If you aren’t getting reviews on your website, you can try and link it using another popular website.

3. Use more of visuals

A picture is indeed worth more than a thousand words. If you are selling a product, try and give different shots of the product. It would be a great idea to give the actual photograph of the product you are selling. Focus on the color and sizes, if possible also give a 360 degree view of the product. The more you do this, the more response you will receive from the customer. A video or a demo of how the product works would be further more appealing to the client.

4. Search bar

A search bar is very important, a must-have tool on an e-commerce platform. If the customer has to go through the painful experience of having to look for something, you might just end up losing a prospect. Make it simple by placing a search bar icon on the top part of the website. It is also essential to ensure that the sub link takes him to the product he is looking for and from then on gives an option to purchase it.

5. Payment locator

Customers always have a hidden fear when it comes to making a payment online. It is very essential to make it simple and ensure that his money is safe and the bank details are secure. Winning the trust of the person shopping online is essential in making him a satisfied customer.

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