Case Study : Content writing for an Appliance and Home Goods Retailer

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

A leading electronic appliances and home goods retailer with its headquarters in Saudi Arabia has successfully used the content writing services of ND Commerce.

As part of the assignment, ND Commerce specialist content creation team members supported by editors and quality auditors have authored various content.

Key content created addresses consumer questions and thereby gives the online retailer high level of content for use in SEO, Website engagement and time on page and better information for consumers to convert into buyers

As part of this ongoing assignment ND Commerce creates topics based on trending searches and consumer questions. From such list of topics, there is a shortlist created. Thereafter specialist authors who have in-depth knowledge and research skills are commissioned to write the content

The Process

Once the content is written, it is put though a grammar checking software and subsequently edited by an editor. Relevant images are included ( from licensed sources ) and the completed content is submitted to the client

The client may use the content in one or more of the following ways:

1. Publish it on the web site as a blog

2. Use it to provide consumer information on other sites

3. Provide content to its customer service, marketing and sales team for them to build their own knowledge

4. Use it for email campaigns


As an online retailer you would benefit from getting high quality articles and website content created by a specialist team

We would be happy to provide these services to you

If you would like to get your high quality content written by the specialist team deployed by ND Commerce, please do contact

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