How can brands get their dealers and retailers to participate in the eCommerce boom?

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Brand Sales Managers often encounter dealers and retailers who express their concerns about how eCommerce is hurting their business Instead of going on the back foot, brands can actually work with their retailers and dealers to actively participate in the eCommerce boom One way to do so is to create and implement a Brand Marketplace Listing Program (BMLP) Taking a cue from leading marketplaces like Snapdeal who support their sellers in several ways, brands too can play a role of supporting their channel partners sell online The brand would need to do the following:

  1. Create a Brand Marketplace Listing Strategy

  2. Identify key dealers and retailers who will be a part of this. Preferably high performers with a good track record on regular business

  3. Set up guidelines for marketplace listings

  4. Engage with the marketplace operators like Amazon India, Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal to have a brand level agreement on service levels. (Service Levels is one of the biggest concerns of marketplaces and brands that can assure service levels from their dealers and retailers will get the ear of the marketplaces)

  5. Set up individual dealers and retailers as sellers on the different marketplaces

  6. Support the authorised sellers with good quality product visuals and product content

  7. Train dealers and retailers on the marketplace listing process and service level expectations. This needs to be ongoing as dealers and retailers too face staff attrition and new team members would need to be constantly trained

  8. Provide merchandise and pricing support to dealers and retailers who are on the program

  9. Provide ongoing support through a central agency who can be the single point of contact for all assistance with the brand marketplace listing program By implementing a BML (Brand Marketplace Listing) program across its dealers and retailers, the brand can play a skill development and business expansion role for its valued channel partners In Summary Companies need to support their channels at times like these when eCommerce is causing havoc for dealers and retailers Get into the game and encourage and support your trade and channel partners By doing so, companies will have more control on brand positioning, pricing and product availability on marketplaces. This will also bring in a structured approach with all key dealers and retailers working in sync to tap this new sales channel To create a program and manage the implementation of the Brand eCommerce Marketplace Listing Program for dealers and retailers you can use the services of specialist companies like ND Commerce Visit for more information.  Or call Mukund on + 91 9324808080 or email

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