How FMCG companies can drive footfalls to their retailers

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Digital and direct to consumer marketing provides us with an unique opportunity to connect one-on-one with the consumer Yet, we often let digital marketing play the role of brand building alone, which can be done through above the line mass media as well One of the ways for an FMCG company to leverage its digital marketing efforts is to drive footfalls to its retailers An illustration of the a possible use case is below

  1. Enabling website visitors with an option to buy

  2. NO logistics and customer operations to be handled by the company

  3. UBER type model – Retailer gets a customer and services the customer need on behalf of the FMCG

  4. Customer data collected can be used for sampling, targeted marketing and research In summary There are a lot of digital marketing assets that an FMCG can use to drive new business. In most cases it does not make sense for an FMCG to be running their ecommerce online store selling products from their website as the transaction size is low and the business cannot be run profitably. Why not leverage digital marketing spends to drive business to retailers with a sales closure and service to the customer. The customer will be happy, retailer will be happy and brand will be happy! To explore how you can leverage the internet to drive businesses to your retailers and to have such a process set up and managed by a professional organisation such as ND Commerce, please contact Mukund on + 91 934 808080 or email

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