How to Sell amazingly on Flipkart

With the online retail domain expanding by leaps and bounds, it is not surprising to find sellers wanting to grab their piece of the pie and sell on Flipkart or selling through well-known portals accessed by lakhs of urban users daily. Top of this list are ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart that have many diligent customers, who shop everything from groceries to clothes, online. Why Flipkart? As mentioned above, Indian ecommerce site Flipkart is extremely credible and has an extensive reach, when compared to other retailers in the online space. Their website quotes more than 7 crore users spread across a 1000 cities in India, with excellent shipment and product quality records. This makes selling on Flipkart an excellent business move for any manufacturer or trader to sell on flipkart. Eligibility to sell on Flipkart The company has set a few eligibility criteria to register a seller, before he/she can sell their products on flipkart. These include:

  • 100% genuinely of product – No services allowed

  • Mandatory PAN card – Both of the owner and the company he wishes to associate with the site

  • VAT/TIN number

  • Valid current account along with KYC documents as requested by the bank

  • At least 10 different products selected for sale

  • Address and identity proof

With these, a manufacturer or trader can register himself and his company with Flipkart through their portal for new seller associates ( Post approval, they need to then upload their productlist, one by one, while carefully mentioning details and categorising it as per the structure of the site. When a customer orders the said product, the seller is to pack it and update the status as ‘Ready to ship’, based on which, Flipkart’s logistics partners will ensure smooth pick up from the seller and drop at the customer’ delivery address. The seller receives the payment through Flipkart within one to two weeks for the dispatched order. Pricing detailsSelling on Flipkart comes at a cost. Given the user base and logistics arrangements, most sellers do not mind paying for selling on flipkart. The various components of pricing levied on the seller are:

  • Commission fee: This is the direct commission the site takes based on the product being sold. There is no fixed portion and the percentage varies from one product category to another.

  • Shipping fee : Usually taken directly from the customer, it depends on the weight of the product and locations of the seller and customer

  • Collection fee : Usually INR 20 for pickup from seller

  • Fixe fee : Is a fixed amount based on the product vertical

  • Service Tax : As applicable by government norms

Advantages of selling on Flipkart

  • The first advantage of selling on Flipkart is of course the reach and the ready customer base provided by the site. There is no extra marketing required to ‘pull’ customers to buy the product or pay commissions to be listed on this online marketplace.

  • The site also allows the seller to set the price for the product, keeping in mind Flipkart’s commissions, product demand and competition.

  • Flipkart Advantage, where sellers can choose to stock their products with Flipkart for a price and ensure proper maintenance, packaging and feedback.

  • Regular spike sales ensure fast movement of products and excellent focused marketing

  • Another main advantage is the eradication of the delivery and logistics hassle for the seller as Flipkart arranges for the product to be picked up and delivered through their logistics network.

  • Assured payment within a week or two is also an added advantage for a manufacturer or trader. The Seller Protection Fund (SPF) mentioned in the agreement with the seller ensures the seller is protected in case there is product damage or complaint and the fault is on the customer or the logistics partner.

  • A seller can use the network of designers available with Flipkart to help design and develop his product catalogue, with better photos and content, for easier product sale.

Based on the above advantages, it is extremely prudent to sell on Flipkart as a means of expanding one’s customer reach. Benefits of outsourcing to ND commerce:

  • Provides end-to-end ecommerce services.

  • ND commerce is genuine customized, transparent and follows a smooth flow process.

  • Technical expertise works at different e-commerce aspects such as website designing, product uploading, order processing, market places listing etc.

  • Web store set up, catalogue, content creation and management.

  • Payment gateway integration, traffic generation, payment collection, invoicing, logistics and delivery, customer service and customer retention.

  • Presently we are providing complete client servicing to the brands like Crocs, Lenovo, Forest essentials, htc and many more.

ND Commerce (NDS Ecom) is a proud winner & entrant in the FLIPKART ‘Flipstars Book of Records’, in recognition of outstanding performance as a seller on Flipkart. Our teams, systems and processes are equipped to handle tight TATs, excellent service and high levels of integrity.

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