Secrets Tips to Selling on Amazon

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Founded in 1994, Amazon is an ecommerce company which is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world. Amazon has separate retail websites for each country in which it has spread out. International shipping gets easier with Amazon. It acquires most of the sales from third-party sellers who sell on Amazon. Based on the reports, as of 2007 around 1.3 million sellers benefited by selling products through Amazon. Why Sell on Amazon?

  1. Selling becomes easier with

  2. One can start selling their product without creating a website.

  3. Reaching more customers in short span of time

  4. Amazon is the top in the Online ecommerce stores How to sell on Amazon

There are certain very basic criteria that have to be fulfilled to be eligible to register as a seller to sell products on Amazon.

  1. Products should be genuine

  2. PAN card is mandatory

  3. VAT is Mandatory for all the sellers. However, for those who sell VAT exempted products it is not mandatory.

  4. Proper Address and Identity proof needs to be submitted.

  5. Valid Current Account with know your customer should be available.

If the above criteria are met, a seller can register in amazon with their company details, Contact details, and Basic information about the business. After registration one can list the products for selling. Customer purchases the product by choosing it from the listing. Request for shipment notification is received by the seller. Product is delivered from Seller through direct shipment or Amazon FBA. Amazon deducts its fee and deposits the fund into your bank account. Advantages of Selling on Amazon

  1. More Exposure as millions of existing customers get to see your product

  2. Shipping process is fast and stress free. Amazon can fulfil the shipment if requested.

  3. There is no fixed fee. We can pay only when we sell a product

  4. Ship Internationally through Amazon and grow globally

  5. Payments are secure and on time

  6. Helping to sell on amazon with professional help Selling on amazon comes with certain advantages.

  7. Since Amazon has an existing customer base and wide reach, these websites allow sellers to grow their online presence.

  8. Marketing costs are lower as Amazon takes efforts to market its website and a seller gets marketing benefits that increase the exposure of their products.

  9. Selling the products across the globe and gets easier and one can test the market value of their product in different countries without major risk and strategize Sales.

  10. No setup for back end including payment is required to be made as excellent setup is available with the website already.

  11. Selling your products through Amazon is easier as there are millions of users trust their credibility.

  12. Amazon recommends your product over other seller based on the keyword search made by customer. Also, there are few downsides of Selling on amazon.

  13. Need to compete with a lot of sellers

  14. Amazon charges its fee on percentage basis on every sale, different for each category

  15. Branding space is very less

  16. Policies favours customers causing unfavourable state for sellers at times

  17. Maintaining inventory is a challenge as we can’t predict the purchase expectations.

  18. There are chances for the products to get counterfeited

Selling on Amazon helps to get an understanding of the market. If you want to compete on price, Selling on Amazon is the best option Benefits of outsourcing to ND commerce:

  1. Provides end-to-end ecommerce services.

  2. ND commerce is genuine customized, transparent and follows a smooth flow process.

  3. Technical expertise works at different e-commerce aspects such as website designing, product uploading, order processing, market places listing etc.

  4. Web store set up, catalogue, content creation and management.

  5. Payment gateway integration, traffic generation, payment collection, invoicing, logistics and delivery, customer service and customer retention.

  6. Presently we are providing complete client servicing to the brands like Crocs, Lenovo, Forest essentials, htc and many more.

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