What is a Brand Online Webstore & how does it benefit brands go Direct To Consumer

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

A Brand Online Store is one where the brand enables its website to not only showcase its products but also SELL products to consumers and businesses

It may sound simple but in fact is a complex process that requires a team of specialists who can manage this channel

Not only is the Place new, the Product, Price, Promotion and Packaging , all has to be different from traditional marketing for this channel to succeed

What are the benefits of a Brand Online Store?

An online brand store helps brands in many ways

  1. Transition from all offline base to an integrated digital platform

  2. Showcasing products and features

  3. Enabling direct to consumer transactions

  4. Implementing CRM programs

  5. Rolling-out promotional campaigns

  6. Converting web traffic to real business that can be tracked

Brand Online stores have helped brands to enhance customer engagement, increase ecommerce transactions, showcase a long tail of products and synchronise with other sales channels

Direct to Consumer – now more than ever

Over the years, requirement of an online brand store had been consistently increasing. The lockdown has has resulted in an unprecedented shock to business. Personal Consumption has  come down further, especially for non-essential goods.  Consumption levels of essential goods are also under threat due to pootential supply chain disruptions.

However, many companies have been able to survive and are navigating through these difficult circumstances. Business models with diversified off-line and online distribution, direct to consumer channels, multiple payment platforms and digital workflows have seen the least disruption.

ND Commerce has partnered with large Indian & Multinational clients to cater to their ecommerce needs and is helping them manage customer and brand protection to navigate through the pandemic.

The post-pandemic period opens new horizons for organizations to reinvent their business models. An environment when social distancing may become a common measure, more meetings will happen on virtual platforms, supply chains would become linear and focus on localization and e-commerce will become center of the economy.

Paradigm shift – Offline to Online

The new normal will connect brands with their value chain over digital platforms with interoperability of digital interfaces and paperless trade. In this new situation, continued automation – like chat bots for customer engagements and issue resolution, machine learning to optimize brand page to display products based on previous purchases, conversion and up-selling opportunities.

Several trends are expected to affect your brand and the brand store is designed to help you navigate the challenges and leverage the opportunities: –

  1. Shift in purchasing patterns with higher inclination towards online research and contactless transactions

  2. Imminent economic slowdown may lead to change in purchase rationalization

  3. Demand shift amongst target segments with higher churning in few and exponential growth in another

  4. Linear supply chains to seek accurate demand forecasts with efficient and optimum warehouse inventory

  5. Wider and deeper penetration of ecommerce in the general population requiring specialized approach to cater to the diverse set of target segments

A Brand Online store would not only help brands bring their products online, but help them restructure their operations to adapt to the ever changing business

ND Commerce works with leading brands in creating and operating online brand stores.  A structured approach towards leverage a brand store will help brands to ensure business recovery and continuity during the post pandemic era


Our experience with brands

Our clients have been able to leverage their brand webstores to connect with their customers and ensure business continuity by retaining and acquiring customers.


Brand Online Stores and Direct to Consumer business is set to grow. Brands will face a dearth of ecommerce expertise that is required to make this channel a success. Smart Brands and marketers will use the services of a specialist company to get them to the path of ecommerce success.

To know more about how you can establish your brand online store or enhance your current direct to consumer business with the help of a specialist firm, please do reach out to www.ndcommerce.in

Email mukund@ndcommerce.in

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