Why advertising agencies need to get ecommerce skills into their system

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The traditional world of marketing has 5 Ps – Product, Price, Place, Promotions, Packaging By the way, the new world of ecommerce also has the same 5 Ps. Except that the nature of 5 Ps of ecommerce is very different from the 5 Ps of traditional distribution A few years ago, both, clients and agencies were still evaluating this new world. While agencies looked at online business more as ‘Digital Marketing’ many clients went ahead and developed ecommerce teams to start tackling one or more of the new 5 Ps Today a large number of clients have ecommerce divisions and these divisions are a new sales channel that will further evolve into independent profit centres So now it is the turn of agencies to also build such teams to be able to serve clients who have ecommerce as an important future sales channel Here are some ways on how agencies can go about building their ecommerce capabilities

  1. Create their own ecommerce division and be able to operate ecommerce businesses for their clients. This involves a lot of processes and transactions that an advertising or communications company is not geared to doing. It also involves matters such as consumer payments, taxation, transfer of title of goods, product fulfilment and customer service

  2. Buyan existing service partner that is already in this business. While this will obviate the need to develop a team and business, the inherent nature of ecommerce being a transaction based business will be something that the agency needs to accept and adapt to

  3. Partner with a specialist like ND Commerce , a leading Brand eCommerce Service provider with expertise in brand online store set up and management, marketplace sales, Omni channel, cross border ecommerce and direct to consumer business

If you are working for an advertising agency or communications company and want to play a role in the ecommerce business of your clients, you can engage with ND Commerce and work together to provide these services to your clients. Call Mukund on +91 9324 808080 or email mukund@ndcommerce.in today! Visit www.ndcommerce.in

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