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Transaction Management Services

ND Commerce uses the principles of Ecommerce to help brands conduct consumer or trade engagement program. This service includes end to end solutions that are critical to managing transactions for a brand conducting consumer activation and engagement programs and include technology, warehousing, product supply, database management, call center, logistics, analytics and reporting. Some of the activities of transaction management or booking engine solutions are :

  1. Contest management and fulfillment

  2. Product sampling and follow through

  3. First purchase solutions

  4. Returns & refund management

  5. Freebie management

  6. And more…

Why Us?

Pioneers & Market Leaders

ND Commerce works with the largest number of large Indian & International brands who have high levels of sensitivities.

Robust, Scalable Ecosystem

A robust, scaleable & dependable ecommerce ecosystem created by ND Commerce is most suitable for brands that want to test & grow in the ecommerce channels.

Specialized Team

A highly specialized team of specialists in all core areas of ecommerce operations, high level of integrity and brand orientation, having delivered on several large ecommerce projects with complexitiies is the hallmark of ND Commerce.

Building and Executing the perfect strategy for your brand’s ecommerce success.
Make ND Commerce part of your strategy.